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All About HVAC Upgrades

Building owners don't upgrade HVAC systems simply because they want the latest HVAC technologies; rather, they are looking to correct perceived shortcomings with existing systems.

That means the jumping off point should be a comprehensive assessment of the existing system. If you want to know more about HVAC repair and maintenance then you can pop over to this website

A thorough survey and review of major system components must evaluate age, illness, efficiency and anticipated remaining useful life. This should include a summary of initial construction drawings and upkeep and repair documents.

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It's crucial to analyze the present system to ascertain whether the system is inducing relaxation issues. Many HVAC systems installed in the 1950s and 1960s were just meant to supply a moderate level of cooling.

Since high energy prices often justify HVAC updates, historic energy intake ought to be compared against industry benchmarks of bucks or BTUs per square foot for comparable kinds of facilities. This comparison will reveal how effective a building is and can identify potential target values for advancement.

For some equipment, such as centrifugal chillers, present equipment is more effective than components installed 20 or even more years before, using 30 to 40 percent less electricity than older versions. But, determined by the hours of operation of this year, these economies alone might not warrant replacement due to the high capital costs of new gear.