An Essay As a Work of Art

I imagine that none of you have ever looked at your essay in the exact same way that you look at a painting or other work of art. I would like you to think about your essay writingthis way.

An Essay As a Work of Art

The old saying that first impressions count still holds true. Imagine the examiner as an antique’s dealer looking at a table. If the table is dirty, scratched, misshapen, the trader will be loathed to examine the table in more detail. If the most appealing element of the table is in the interior design of its drawers, the trader will not be that enthusiastic to examine the table further. His overall beliefs will have been marred by first appearances.

The exact same is true for the examiner. He can see the format and overall look of this essay before he starts to read it. If the appearance is pleasing, then he’ll read the article expecting the material to mirror the look.

This isn’t to say he will award marks to the essay if its content is intentionally incorrect, but he will approach the essay as though it is well written. Moreover, if the material is average borderline/fail, the examiner may award marks for a well-presented essay.

A well-presented essay is pleasing on the eye. This is why it’s so important to reference the essay correctly and in accordance with the directions. If the directions specify Harvard referencing it is pointless using Oxford irrespective as to how well you mention it with this style.