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Basic earthmoving equipments and Attachments

Earthmoving equipments have many terminologies. They are also called heavy or construction equipment. These equipments are very heavy and can operate more than one function at a time. These equipments are used for clearing operations and excavating tasks.


The common earthmoving equipments Brisbane used are mentioned below:

  1. Bulldozer: This massive equipment is used for pushing large quantity of rocks, wood, earth, etc. It is like a tractor along with an attached dozer blade.
  2. Crane: It is used for moving loads from one place to another. It has a bucket or a rake attached to it. It is also capable of moving or lifting soil, trees, debris, etc.
  3. Backhoe: It is an earth moving machine with an attached bucket for easy digging.
  4. Excavator bucket: it is a bucket that is attached to these vehicles as an extension. It scoops soils, debris and rocks.
  5. Road roller: This equipment is used for compacting soil, concrete, asphalt or gravel for roads.
  6. Grapple: When attached to another machine grapple holds objects.
  7. Pile driver: It used to make pile in the soil. This method strengthens the construction of the structure.
  8. Hydraulic hammer: It is fixed to an excavator and used to demolish concrete structures.
  9. Driller: It is used for drilling holes or wells during construction.
  10. Feller Buncher: This machine is used to cut down trees without harming other trees or structures.

You can often see these earthmoving equipments during a tree clearing operation or road construction.