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Consider your Options Before Booking your Whitsunday Adventure

Once you understand just how many islands are visitable on the Whitsunday's you'll find yourself in somewhat of a conundrum if you have that little spark of adventure in you.

So throw the standard package tour out of the window for the time being. Maybe you'll go back to it, but there is a lot more than meets the eye on the Whitsundays with over 150 islands, half of which can't be visited. So we look to give you some options of the popular and the less known islands to help you maybe add something to your itinerary along the way. 

Want to head to the Whitsundays but not sure what Islands are best for you then will devise the ideal package.  Here we break three down for you to choose from:

Long Island 

Long Island is situated closest to the coast.  It offers idyllic scenery and is easily reachable by boat for people wanting to get off and away from the mainland.  

The shape of the island is where its name is derived from with an unusually narrow shape it comes with over 13 kilometres of bushwalking track to explore as well as an ideal spot for a lazy day on the pristine sand, with swimming and snorkelling. 

Ideal For: Beach walks and sunbathing, swimming, bushwalking

Daydream Island 

Daydream is named daydream as it is one. It's a tiny little island of only 1 kilometre long. It's really is a good mixture for a range of budgets whereby you have the Daydream Island Resort which has top grade spa facilities for those of you getting away from everyday stresses and has all modern conveniences on the island.  

It's a good choice for couples and families, and there are plenty of day-time activities and a varied range of dining experiences. 

Ideal for: Relaxation, foodies, couples and families

South Molle Island 

South Molle is another well-equipped island with resorts and lots of activities for active people. 

Complete with inlets, and caves you'll also find long walking tracks that lead to many secluded enclaves around the islands, so this can be a lot of fun away from the resort, you can really find your own getaway for the day. 

The resorts are based in the north part of the island and complete with a nine-hole golf course, so for an avid golfer, this is a course with a serene twist. 

Ideal for: Adventure walking, golfers, relaxation, low to high-end tourists