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Explore your heritage and culture through art on walls

What could be a better canvas for an artist that the city street walls? The artists find their best place to draw their heart out on the high and endless wide walls, even on shop walls, trains, cars, trees, and houses. Some are featured designs while some have stories and histories behind. The more you discover, the more you would get drowned in it deep and deep. The growing street art trend is today not limited to one place or city today, but the whole world is following this unique way to transforming the lifeless concrete jungle into a bubbling and colorful city that not only catches the eye of every tourist but also imparts a fresh feeling into the minds of every passer-by.

Courtesy: cntraveler

Many tourists prefer to walk around and discover by self rather than taking a cab to a destination. For them, these street wall art is a great help in locating various places like a particular locality or a marketplace efficiently. Even when tourists walk by a site looking at the murals, it becomes a place where a seller can cater to the things that they might need.

The street wall arts are also best idea to attract the locals for a mind change who have opted for a stay this summer. The murals offer an engaging experience for the locals living nearby in bringing their community close to them.

Different quotes and figures throughout the town bring a breeze of fresh air which is quite enjoyable and works excellent in reforming a mood in the passer-by.