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Herbal homemade remedies to make you look Pretty

The most popular topic people talk is about the beauty. Every person wants to look beautiful. There are many products available in the markets which are made for your skin. But how can you decide which is worth.

 There are many products that have not come up to the expectation. The best and easy way to look beautiful is home made products. Homemade products are herbal and not expensive and keep you beauty for a longer time without any side effects. Here are few homemade beauty tips.

When it comes to have beautiful and smart look, people usually have two thought, the skin and the hair. As age passes on, the color of the hair changes from black to grey. In today’s stressful life you see many youngsters who have less hair or their hair color has changed to grey. In premature graying, scalp massage, good diet, is required. There are many methods to make hair dark, but the best is to use plant Salvia Officinalis, 15 gram of Salvia mixed with 1 liter of water. Pour it on your head and leave it for some time and rinse it later.

Having a good skin makes you look beautiful; Turmeric can be great stuff which is natural and herbal remedy to keep you skin glowing. Applying sandal wood paste to your skin this will make your skin shiny, beautiful and smooth.