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Killing Mold with an Ozone Generator

Even if you get rid of mold from your home, there may be a lingering smell. The smell of mold is very unique and lingering mold spores can spread the mold once again. Many people turn to machines to assist with this air purification, and many professionals use ozone generators to get rid of the remnants of the mold.

The mold spores are what cause the problems that we may have with breathing. The spores get into our bodies and our bodies react negatively, trying to fend off the foreign invaders. It will cause your allergies to go crazy and it might even cause fatigue and headaches.

Damage Control 911 of Orlando lets us know that the smell can be removed, though. The use of ozone generators is becoming more and more popular lately. They work extremely well, but ozone can be dangerous. You should never breathe in concentrated ozone, considering the gas is very reactive to living things.

That’s why it works so well against mold spores, considering they’re organic things as well. However, that means that it will damage you, too. If you breathe it in, it can cause your lungs to become inflamed and leave you in a very uncomfortable situation. Using an ozone generator can destroy the bad smells in your home, but use it safely.