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Reasons to Add a Rain Barrel to Your Garden


A rain barrel comes in a small size that helps to collect and store rainwater. The stored water can then be used for a latter purpose. Using small roof rain barrels is inexpensive, good habit, and saves you cash. These are a few reasons to add a rain barrel for your garden.

1. Helps to avoid using Tap Water –Natural rainwater contains nutrients and oxygen which are essential for the plants growth. They also contain good bacteria and microorganisms that keep the soil healthy. On the other hand, tap water consists of chlorine, ammonia, and chemicals which are harmful to the plants.

2. Helps to Save Water and Money – Landscapes that require intense water cost a lot. Home-owners use more water during dry weather conditions. A rain barrel on the other hand collects around 1300 gallons of water and can help in irrigation as well.

3. Prevent Overflow from Sewage – Collecting rainwater from the roof is a small but very effective task. Rain barrels help in minimizing and preventing floods and leaks further downstream. It also helps to collect the rainwater from the roof that allows releasing the water slowly on to your garden.

4. Reduces Urban Water Pollution –During heavy storms, urban buildings, tarmac and concrete contain pollutants which mix with the waterways. With the help of rain barrel, you can collect the rainwater and reduce mixing of pollutants with waterways.

These are few important tips based on rain barrel. Seek advice in Sydney landscaping companies to learn more on few tips.