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Severs Disease condition is common in kids

There are many causes of heel pain in adults, but in kids the most frequent by far is a condition known as Severs disease. Since this is an injury to the growing plate in the back of the heel bone, it wouldn't occur in adults. The most frequent age of coming on is about the early teens or maybe a bit before. When we are born the heel bone grows from two parts, one being the main area of the heel bone and the other being the growth plate at the back of the heel bone. These two areas of bone are divided by an area of cartilage material. Severs disease occurs when there is too much strain on that region of cartilage.

The primary causes are simply just a lot of activity done to increasing amounts so that the bone isn't getting a chance to get used to the loads which can be put on the bone. Usually the child is participating in a great deal of sports activity, usually on hard surfaces. Limited calf muscles may also be frequently present. The chief symptom is pain around the edges of the heel bone at the back of the heel as well as soreness on weightbearing. Increasing the level of sporting activity also makes it more painful.

The essential approach to its treatment is a reduction in physical activity to ensure that stress on the growing region of bone is minimized. Often a cushioned heel lift is needed to safeguard the zone and lower the force from the Achilles tendon. Ice following activity to help with pain can be useful. If this is not working well, an additional decrease in the amount of physical activity is necessary and in the most difficult cases, a walking brace or cast is used to significantly minimize activity levels. If all this fails, which it sometimes does, then it is just a matter of taking care of it until the two zones of growing bone merge to form one and this will not be a problem.