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Types Of Laser Surgery

A laser is a high-energy ray of light that can selectively shift energy into tissue to treat the skin. Many medical procedures are done using lasers.

General surgeons use a type of laser wavelengths and laser control systems to cut, vaporize or remove tissue. Some general surgical methods use includes breast surgery, removal of the gallbladder, hernia repair, bowel resection, hemorrhoidectomy, solid organ surgery and treatment of pilonidal cyst.

The benefits of using lasers are a loss of blood loss, a decrease in postoperative pain, reduction of wound infection, a decrease in spreading of certain cancers and better wound healing. For more information about laser eye surgery, you can visit at

Nowadays laser surgery is widely used in various areas of specialization such as dermatology, dentistry, head and neck surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, podiatry, urology and in the treatment of certain cancers.

In the field of skin care, lasers have shown to be a big blessing. Lasers can be used to decrease wrinkles around the lips or eyes and sometimes the entire face.

The laser gives fine wrinkles and eliminates certain spots on the face. Certain types of birthmarks respond remarkably well to laser treatment.

The laser effects a reduction in the size of irregular blood vessels that cause these birthmarks. This, in turn, promotes a lightening in the color of the birthmark.