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Understanding a Panic Attack

What is a Panic Attack?

While it is normal to have moments of worry or anxiety, it is not normal for the feeling's to be hard when unwarranted. When a feeling of intense fear, nervousness, or the feeling of being out of one's own body happens without a stimulus, one is experiencing a panic attack. While these are generally not harmful, the situation is extremely uncomfortable. If panic attacks are left untreated or they progress further, then serious problems can result.

The Symptoms of Panic Attacks

Certain conditions may call for a fight-or-flight response. If one is attacked, startled, or under serious stress, then it is normal for feelings of anxiety to occur. However, if these intense feelings come out of nowhere, such as in a park or while resting at home, then it is most likely a panic attack.

Panic attacks can begin shortly and last from 10 minutes to even a few hours. If they should last longer than an hour, it may be desirable to call a doctor or emergency service. While the symptoms generally vary, there are a few signs that are noticeable in most panic attacks. For more information about panic attacks symptoms you can also visit

Other symptoms include shaking, feverish sweating, and a sense of choking. If any one of these symptoms are present, or they are present in combination with other symptoms, then it is most likely a panic or anxiety attack

Causes of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks have no officially known cause; however, there are many sharing factors that can lead one to experience these attacks more frequently and severely than others. The first hypothesised cause is from ancestry. Children with overbearing or fearful parents may experience panic attacks as they get older.