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Wheelchairs – What Are They and What Types?

A light weight wheel chair is really a wheeled mobility device where the user stays. Wheelchairs can be utilized by people for whom walking is becoming impossible or difficult as a result of disease, trauma, or perhaps a handicap. People who have both walking and sitting handicap frequently should make use of a wheel bench.

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A Standard easy standard manual wheelchair includes of the following things:

* Chair and rear,

* 2 little front (caster) brakes along with 2 big wheels, one on every side,

* Along with also a footrest.

Wheelchairs in many cases are made out of numerous mixes of this simple type, now there are lots of kinds of light weight wheelchairs, plus so they are highly customized wheelchairs to your personal user’s demands.

Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs would be the sort that wants visitors to maneuver them; there are just three kinds of manual wheelchairs namely jelling, attendant-propelled, and wheel base. Many manual seats might be folded wheelchairs for movement or storage to an automobile.